Saturday, May 29, 2010

potential future career paths #13...

It's been far too long! And I'm doing all kinds of exciting things these days, so let's see where my explorations might lead me in life...

A tight rope walker.

An on-site weatherwoman.


Film editor.

BP executive trying to relieve stress.


??? Now it's your turn! Y'all always come up with some good ones, so let's hear 'em & we'll pick a winner!
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  1. a famous author telling of how God has blessed her through her open adoption.... :)

  2. Jacob on LOST! It looks like the cave with all of the candidates names!!!! Ha ha! I'll expect to win this one too!

  3. Figuring out how to fix the BP oil spill.

  4. chalk drawing = either a municipal employee charged with painting lines on all the roads, OR a "starving artist" in Paris whose medium is sidewalk art....

    Whatever she does, I know she'll have the whole-hearted support of two fabulous parents!!

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  6. Nanny & PapaJune 1, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    New language translator. Writing it down helps. Ha, Ha.

    Nanny & Papa

  7. Great guesses, everybody! And the winner goes TO..... (drum roll... I know you're anxiously waiting to know...) STM! Yes, Susan, in honor of the LOST season finale, that guess HAD to win! Very creative!! (never would've thought of that myself!)