Friday, May 14, 2010

the results are in...

Finally! The bloodwork tests for food sensitivities came back... and out of 96 tested foods, it showed reactions to 28 foods! (oh my goodness...can you believe it?!) Fortunately, many of those were the foods we had already been eliminating (gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and some citrus foods), but other sensitivities included:

garlic (!!!?!)
tomatoes (tomatoes, people... that means no spaghetti sauce)
bananas, oranges, pineapple
watermelon (oh no...not in this family & not in the summer!)
coconut (oops! So I guess the coconut oil I was using to keep her eczema breakouts moisturized wasn't helping the problem but contributing to it!)

Okay, my head is still whirling from all of this news, but here's the deal...

We'll meet with our doctor in a week or so to discuss the results & she'll tell us how/if/when we can start adding these foods back IN to Caroline's diet. These tests don't mean it's a life-long problem-- just that her gut isn't handling those particular foods well right now. And so long story short-- boosting her immune system isn't going to happen until we get her intestines healed. And for Caroline right now, it means being very careful to avoid those foods.

So what CAN she eat? All meats, seafood, & vegetables turned out fine (except for asparagus... well, that'll be no problem! ha!) along with some of her favorite fruits: apples, blueberries, & pears. Rice, potatoes, & corn were also fine, so we can make it. OH, to be gluten-free again!!! That was SOOOOOO easy!! (can you believe what a joke it is that I'm saying that?? But I'm serious-- you gluten-free people have it SO easy. he he)

Most people would probably feel devastated with this news, but we've actually felt SO relieved! It's so nice to finally know that we were on to something (a leaky gut due to a weakened immune system) and to have some ANSWERS on what foods are hurting her gut! I mean, in all the elimination diets in the world, I would have NEVER picked that combination of 28 foods! And like I said, hopefully this is all just for a season as she heals and is then able to handle more foods. And praise God that at least for now, her favorite foods are still in the line-up!

One item of prayer if you guys don't mind: on Sunday, we are headed to Florida with some of our RUF students to go to RUF's national summer conference. Thankfully we'll have a mini-kitchen in our room so I will be able to prepare all of Caroline's meals myself, but besides praying for the 13-hour-straight car trip with her (!!!), pray that we'll make it through the toughest week yet of this restrictive diet while also being in a strange, new place. Pray that little Caroline will be "understanding" when everyone else around her is eating meal after meal in the conference's cafeteria with foods that she cannot have. (and doesn't comprehend why she can't have) Pray for me as each meal will be a challenge, especially since we'll be away. Thank you, sweet friends!


  1. NOT cool. But good to have some answers. Come on intestines, heal quickly!

  2. Oh Amy, WOW.

    And there goes the garlic press!!! :)

  3. I was in church this morning thanking God for taking care of Caroline. It occurred to me that God has been merciful. So many times when something goes wrong with our bodies, we have great pain. OR we don't know that something is wrong and things get much worse and then there is great pain. In her case, it doesn't seem that she has had any great discomfort. And although it was painful to watch, losing her hair got everyone's attention without hurting her. I thank God that we didn't have to watch our little one hurt.

  4. Nanny & PapaMay 16, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    We are praying every day. We are so thankful that she does so well with all the changes that are occurring in her life. She is such a dear little sweetheart. God is giving her and all of us His wonderful grace.

    Love y'all,

    Nanny & Papa