Monday, December 10, 2012

at one month...

Just for kicks, here was Caroline at one month:

Jameson, at one month...

(I couldn't help using this picture- I love the expression!)

  • you weigh 7 lbs 12 oz (only the 10-25th percentile!  little guy!)
  • you are 21" long
  • you are eating around 3 oz. every two to three hours... around the clock...

  • you love to snuggle up and you're as cozy as can be
  • you do NOT like baths or being cold
  • you like a pacifier, but Mommy's caught you trying to suck your thumb a few times...

  • most of the time I think you like your sister holding you, except when she's always kissing you when you're trying to sleep...
  • in your short life, you have not felt so well!  Thankfully now you're feeling better, but you're also having some reflux issues, too.  We are hoping that's mostly due to what the antibiotic is doing to your little bitty tummy.  (poor guy!)
  • Because of your reflux, we keep you propped UP.  You sleep in a bouncy chair or your car seat at night.

  • Today your little gaze discovered Mommy's face and Caroline's face and you SMILED at us, just for a brief second!  You don't know how much joy that second brought to our hearts.  
  • When you wake up, you are ready to EAT!  And you will let everybody know it!
  • You are quite the noisy little sleeper at night.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy will just crack up at a sound you make.

  • You are loved more than you'll ever know.

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  1. so sweet! Can't wait to see him and give him sugar at Christmas.

  2. That expression is hilarious! He looks more alert than a 1 month old baby!