Wednesday, December 19, 2012

really, she loves you...

Oh Jameson,

When God was picking out big sisters for you, He sure gave you a good one.

She's just as crazy about you as the rest of us are.

I cannot, for the life of me, keep her away from holding you or picking you up (when you're trying to sleep) or kissing your face for more than a few minutes.  I'm sorry.  I'm trying.

Sometimes it's aggravating, I know.  But really, it's so sweet how much she wants to care for you.

You get to have a little mommy! (as if one isn't enough...)

She's even wanting to help change some of your diapers!  Now that's true love, I'd say.

She wants to hold you ALL the time, and it's particularly sweet to see you curled up in her arms each night at her bedtime.  She thinks you are the CUTEST thing.  Every time you smile or make a cute little squeak, she squeals in delight and hugs you close to her.

Now, don't get me wrong, she still LOVES her preschool time away from home three mornings a week...

(especially when a sugar high is involved...)  ha ha

but she's always super eager to get back home to see YOU.

Here's proof that she sees you as one of her baby dolls.

Sorry, bud.  I had nothing to do with this except running to grab the camera.

(You can give her a hard time for this when y'all are teenagers...)

But really, Jameson, she LOVES you.  With her whole heart.

I'm not so sure what you're thinking...

but I, for one, love HER.
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  1. They are so cute and so sweet! So eager to see them both on Thursday. Can hardly wait!!

  2. Love your cool red dress, Caroline. I think you and your little brother will be really close friends.