Tuesday, December 18, 2012

four stockings...

This year, FOUR stockings hang from the mantle, not three.

(let me take that in for a minute.)

You see, I bought four silver stocking holders a few years back, in the hopes that the Lord would grow our family someday.

But every year as the Christmas decorations came out, the fourth holder would stay in the box.  Maybe next year, I'd think.

And I had given up hope that this would be THE year!

What a joy it was to purchase the fourth stocking. (the red one on the right, above)  As I handed my credit card to the girl at the cash register, it was literally all I could do to keep from telling her.  On second thought, maybe I should've.

Four stockings.

Four stockings in our house means so much more than simply counting heads.

It screams out to me that the Lord has heard my little family's daily prayers and pleadings, and has graciously said "it is NOW time."

Four stockings in our house means that my daughter now knows what it is to be a big sister.  (and she's wonderful at it.  Seriously.)

But four stockings in our house also means many, MANY! lost hours of sleep.

Which means many, many impatient moments with one another.
And sharp words.
And many "I'm sorry's" and "please forgive me's."
And much calling out to Jesus to help transform our hearts full of sin.  (especially mine)
And many opportunities for extending and receiving grace.

As we adjust from three stockings to four.

Four stockings also means it's the time for Daddy's beloved truck to go, (poor, sad Daddy... see how he grieves...) in exchange for something that will seat all of his family comfortably.

(and if you happen to be interested in buying it, let us know...)

What a surprise you were this year, baby Jameson!  Out of left field.

But the Lord is so good and gracious.
And I've got four stockings to prove it.
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  1. We can hardly wait to share in the Christmas cheer with Baby Jameson! We are so thankful God has answered our prayers!! Love y'all.