Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 things at 12 months...

Well, I'm the last one in the family who has yet to share their 25 random things, so here goes...

1. I weigh 22 lbs 4 oz. (50-75th percentile for my age)
2. I am 29 1/4" tall. (50%)
3. My head is 18 1/2." (90-95%) This should come at no surprise since I'm a Corbett. :)
4. I have 12 teeth, and right now I'm getting at least two more!!
5. I sleep from 7:30pm- 6:45am.
6. I'm supposed to take 2 naps a day at my age, but with all this teething I've been switching it all up and keeping Mommy guessing.
7. I also find that pooping helps me get out of taking some naps, too. ha!

8. When my musical chair sings, "la la la la la!," I try to "sing" it back as loud as possible! (shown here)
9. I have figured out how to drain the bathtub AND flush the toilet, and I find that Mom & Dad don't seem to like me doing either one.
10. I have PERFECTED the "roar" sound of a tiger, and I have my own version of a cow "moo" and a doggie "ruff ruff ruff."
11. Words I'm working on saying right now: "ba" (ball), "nya nya" (banana), "ga" (God)
12. I am SO tired of people thinking I'm a boy in public, (even when I'm wearing pink!) and since my hair is long enough for a bow now, I'm finally starting to see that lessen.

13. At times (like after I've been wearing one of those bows) I've been known to look like Alfalfa. :)
14. I now spend more time walking than crawling, and each day I'm getting better at keeping my balance. I'm also picking up a little speed as well.
15. My favorite toys right now are books, balls, and anything that plays music, has buttons to push, or makes noise when I shake it.
16. So far, I refuse to do ANY baby sign language words that Mommy & Daddy have taught me. Instead I prefer to just say, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA." It proves to be just as effective. :)
17. I WILL do a few other things with my hands (well, besides opening up cabinets, reaching into the toilet, picking up dirt off the floor to eat, etc.)-- I can wave, point, clap, high five, and pick my nose.

18. Some words to describe my overall personality: happy, outgoing, silly, strong, and energetic.
19. However, I sometimes choose to be the opposite around babysitters. :) Can you blame me?
20. I LOVE music. If I hear it, I'm probably dancing to it in some form or fashion.
21. I'm just about to make the big switch over to real milk! No more formula! Hooray!
22. Even though I'm not speaking it, I am understanding more language every day! For instance, when Mommy says, "Where's the ball?," I go find a ball, pick it up, and hold it up high!
23. When Mommy plays with me on the floor, alot of times I'll walk up to her and give her a big, sweet hug. I can tell she loves it.
24. Pretty soon I'm gonna sit facing forward in my car seat! (now that I'm a year AND over 20 pounds)
25. I thrive on my bedtime routine so much that many nights I don't cry a peep when it's time to go to bed.
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