Wednesday, February 11, 2009

marc's 25 things...

OK, after much encouragement from Amy and after I read this article:

Here it goes:

1. My dad says about my birth, “I thought mom was on the pill and mom thought I was over the hill. Then, you came along.” My brother is 14 years older than me. My sister is 18 years older than me. It was great being raised by wiser parents and becoming an uncle at age 8.

2.I met my beautiful bride at a 4 day temporary job selling jewelry at the Dallas Convention Center. I made it a point to work next to her, play “mystery science theater”
with her (the attendees of this convention were plenty entertaining!), and even talk her into getting Point of Grace (CCM group) to autograph a poster for my nieces.

3. She taught me what love is. That began when she asked, “do you think I know more about you or you know more about me?”

4.I love to imitate people. I once imitated my favorite professor in front of him and the whole seminary.

5. I love stories and I memorize them. I love to laugh.

6. In college, I was randomly assaulted at a mall by a kid who thought I had done something to his brother. After being hit on the head from behind, his friends pulled him away, and I handed all of them a set of Gospel tracts. :-)

7. My earliest memory was after watching an episode of Tarzan: I beat on my chest and leapt from the top of the 2nd story stairs only to bust my lip at the bottom. Guess the whole swinging vine was lacking.

8. I once cracked my two front teeth after riding a bike that my dad told me not to ride.

9. I have a fear of chewing on steel wool.

10. 2008 was the best year of my life with the birth and adoption of our daughter, Caroline.

11. My roommate and I orchestrated a prank in college which led to 22 people in our dorm getting into trouble.

12. I am messy.

13. I like to analyze and discuss movies. My favorite movies are ones that most people consider weird.

14. I once was runner up in a singing contest for singing Garth Brook’s The River.

15. I was a drama geek in junior high and high school. I dreamed of being a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

16. I pretend to read more books than I actually read. I have a bad habit of starting books that I don’t finish. I learn more from audio.

17. I am legally blind. I almost had LASIK, but the surgeon stopped the procedure at the last minute. I didn't even get to take the Valium.

18. The best thing I learned in seminary was that we far more sinful than we ever thought, but Jesus is far more gracious and beautiful than we ever dreamed.

19. My wife is a brilliant teacher and communicator. She teaches me to be clear and to care about people.

20. In high school, my truck cranked up by itself, pushed the coach’s car onto the sidewalk, and caught on fire.

21. Even though I am allergic to them, I think cats are better than dogs. Less maintenance. And, they can climb trees. I had the same cat from 1st grade to 11th grade. He broke his jaw and had 1 eye after getting hit by a car.

22. I was relived at how much I liked Amy’s family when I first met them. Those Barnett’s have a wonderful sense of humor.

23. My daughter was born at 11:48am and I was born at 11:48am.

24. Amy and I took the DISC personality tests and we are exact opposites. That equals a marriage that is far from boring.

25. I have stubby, crooked fingers. I was born with the ability to point around corners. :-)


  1. You are unique!! I guess you already knew that. We love you, Amy & Carolina.

    Love Ya,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Yep, thats the Corbett I know! Very funny especially 25! JM

  3. NUMBER FOUR had me rolling! :)