Wednesday, February 25, 2009

birthday gift from birthmommy Megan...

I got a big birthday package in the mail today with my name on it! Hmmm... it's from my birthmommy Megan!

Wonder what's in it?

Well, is there ANY doubt AT ALL that my birthmommy Megan loves me?!? WOW!! Several outfits, pajamas, two pairs of cute sandals, a CUTE swimsuit with the matching coverup!, and a denim skirt-- I am READY for summer, folks! I'm gonna be the cutest thing out there! Thank you SOOO much, Megan!

And Grandma Bitner, I LOVE the lift-a-flap book you sent, too! We love you guys!

Oh, and while we're on the subject of gifts, wanna see what Daddy got for Mommy for Valentine's Day? She said it was THE most romantic gift ever...

a garbage disposal! YESSSSSSS!!!!
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  1. The love that is expressed to/from Megan and you all is really beautiful to see.

    Thanks for letting us experience it as well.

  2. hey, i thought we couldn't have garbage disposals without being on the septic line? Is my husband just holding out on me? Anyway... cute clothes Caroline! You're a blessed baby!

  3. We continue to pray for Megan that she will grow into the happy and completely fulfilled woman God made her to be.