Sunday, February 15, 2009

birthday girls...

Do you remember my friend Lydia? We have the exact same birthday! Here's what we looked like at 4 1/2 months...

and here we are today! (Okay, with all due respect to Lydia, I'm also a MAJOR nose "picker" now, too, and this was the ONLY decent picture we got of either of us together today...) :)

Well, Lydia had a HUGE birthday bash today, so she got her first shot at a cupcake a few days early...

and believe me, I was taking notes for my turn this Wednesday!

Tell me what it's like, Lydia!

She said it was awesome.

Oh, Daddy, I can hardly wait until it's my turn.
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  2. Hi Caroline! Thank you for my presents! I am so sad that I missed your visit! But I had a good afternoon playing at my Grandma and Pa's house (they were off because it's a holiday). I hope to see you soon! Get ready for a fun fun day! And the sugar in the cake will make you have soooo much fun!