Wednesday, February 18, 2009


After the cake, it was time to open the gifts!

Of course I was much more interested in the paper than in unwrapping the gifts...

but I got SO many great gifts, including some good walking shoes from Nanny. You ought to see me walking from room to room now!

Nanny & Papa, I'm so glad you're here to share this happy day with us!

Some of the things I got: these neat floating bath shapes & balls, LOTS of great books, a musical chair, a polar bear, a baby elmo, a frog pod to store my bath toys, a little light-up roaring tiger (like me!), a light-up pullover, red elmo socks, a dress, bath toys that stick to the walls, and more!

Thanks, everybody, for my gifts! I had a wonderful birthday!
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  1. Happy Birthday Caroline!!!! Hope it was a great day! She looks like a true 1 year old with her new kicks! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Caroline! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

    The Peeler Family