Sunday, May 24, 2009

fun at 15...

Wanna know what's fun to a 15 month old? (besides the stuff like throwing food and spontaneous high-pitched screaming, of course...) Here are some things I'm willing to bet all my fellow 15 month-old friends out there are enjoying, too...

-Reading books is always a good time.

-Taking objects OUT of any kind of bucket, basket, bag, or purse and then putting them back in... over and over again!
-Plastic easter eggs! (I LOVE to pull them apart & put them back together)


(no matter the size) :) Add in the outdoors & it's even better.

Climbing onto anything I can find.

But here's something that I'm sure all the MOMMIES of 15 month-olds think is the most fun:

getting kisses and hugs. :)

Here's some more 15 month stats specific to me:
-Weight- 23 lbs 11 oz (50-75th percentile)
-Height- 30" (25-50th percentile)
-Head circumference: 18 3/4" (90th percentile)
-Most days I take one LOOOONG nap from about 12:30-4:00pm & sleep at night from approx. 7:30pm- 7:00am.
-I use sign language to say hi, more, all done, & hungry.
-I've now got 16 TEETH!!
-I like trying the motions to "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round" (especially the coins on the bus that go "clink clink clink")
-I like it when Daddy sings the Beach Boys' song that goes "Ba ba ba, ba ba-rbara ann" because I can say "ba ba ba ba" with him!)
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  1. All of those things are SO SO TRUE! Especially the taking out and putting things back in! I think they could do it for hours! :)