Tuesday, May 26, 2009

rennovation report...

Quick update on the former pepto-pink bathroom... (for any of you who'd like to see our progress after one week)

(I like to sneak in there and pretend it's my job to take the tiles out of the box.)

The white subway tile is going up on the shower walls all the way to the ceiling. (if you're wondering, that gap is where we'll be putting a soap dish & tiling around it)

(hmmm...let's see here...)

You're doing a great job, Daddy!

And since Mommy's flying to Texas tomorrow by herself to meet my new cousin, Erik, guess who'll be in charge of taking over the blog for the next few days?? :)
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  1. Wow! You've made progress since yesterday!

  2. get ready to wait to see blog posts for a few days, folks. :) love you Marcus.