Friday, February 25, 2011

at 36 months...

Since I just turned 3 and am now officially a "big girl," I figure it's time for another update!

At 36 months:

  • "What's your name? My name is Caroline" is my greeting to just about every stranger I see. And as you can imagine, I'm pretty hard to forget, so even our librarians, grocery store workers, & our gluten-free pizza store owner know who I am by name now! :)
  • I am into MUSIC!!! (is it any wonder why around my house??) :) Right now I'm loving singing to a children's CD that was given to us of scripture songs for kids. But I'll sing or dance to anything! My singing pitch is pretty near perfect & I'm even starting to keep a beat!
  • Speaking of music, Mommy just started giving me music "lessons" today! (thanks to a music learning kit from Pop & Mamie) Today we learned where the high notes and low notes are on the piano and how to curve our fingers and sit up straight when we play. :) I LOVED it.
  • I'm also still obsessed with books and storytelling. Just start telling me a story (about a mouse, especially) and you'll have me captivated.

  • I LOVE to be outside!!! I like to run and chase leaves that blow in the wind, I like to go find sticks, I like to ride my tricycle, I love to blow bubbles, I love to go on walks, I love to help Daddy in the yard, I love to play on a playground, I love just being OUTSIDE.
  • Now that I am back on all foods now, like most kids I'm starting to be more selective about what I eat. And now that I can open the refrigerator or climb up & open cabinets, I'm starting to help get my own snacks. I know that Daddy can't eat my bread or my pizza, or else it will make him sick.
  • And pottytraining? Let's just say that I've got #1 figured out and under control. (even at naps and nights, with an occasional accident) But #2 ain't happenin' yet. On the potty, that is.

  • Mommy says I am 3 going on 20. I get along with all the older kids and grown ups. I talk alot about when I'm a grown up, too. Like this: "Mommy, when I get bigger I can wear eyeliner, too." "Daddy, when I'm grown up I can drink coffee with you! And I can eat bread at church." (talking about taking communion- so sweet!)
  • Now the flip side of me being 3 going on 20 is that I am not so good with the little people in my life right now. When I'm the big kid, I'm learning how to be gentle and share, etc. etc... it'll come.
  • Speaking of make-up, when Mommy puts on her make-up, I like to sit in her lap and watch. (She lets me put on my own chapstick in the mirror, too!) Whenever she starts putting on her foundation, I start singing the 1st verse of the hymn, "How a firm a foundation!!" ha!
  • I'm OBSESSED with clocks and time right now. And I'm getting pretty good at telling the time/reading the numbers. (except when I read the numbers backward-- I try to tell Mommy it's 13:1.) :) It has helped me with my counting & learning to recognize numbers above the 20's.

  • Had my first emergency dr visit yesterday. I was playing in my room alone during "room time." (That's Mommy calls it when I decide not to nap in the afternoons but I have to play quietly in my room until a timer goes off.) Well, I decided to stand on top of my little space heater instead of a stool to reach something high up on my bookcase. Well, you know where that one's headed... so crash! I fell off the heater and my chin hit a shelf on the way down causing a gash. As Mommy was cleaning up all the blood and figuring out what to do next, I kept telling Mommy, "I'm sorry I hurt my chin. I'm sorry, Mommy." (sweet girl...) Long story short-- the doctor was able to put the glue-stuff on the gash and we got outta there with NO stitches, thankfully! (still it was quite scary for Mommy & Daddy)

At 36 months, I love my Mommy & Daddy and all of our family, friends, and RUF students. And I'd say it's pretty safe to say they all love me, too... :)
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  1. It's hard to believe it's been 36 months since I held you in the delivery room. You won my heart then, and it's still yours.

  2. Caroline, the pics are so cute. I can't believe it has been 3 years! Those have been wonderful years. Looking forward to many, many more good times and pics. Thanks Mom