Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february flashback #9...

It's February 1st, and that means my BIRTHDAY month is here!!!! (on the 18th) (And after a year like we've just had, you better believe we're gonna PAR-TAY!) So, just like in past years, we're gonna take a look back as we celebrate our journey into becoming 3! :)

Because this entire past year was spent around the theme of hair, we thought we'd begin the flashbacks by going back a little farther to remind everyone of how far we've come. Even Mommy & Daddy sometimes forget what I used to look like because they're so used to me rocking the bald. Now, with a clear diagnosis of alopecia totalis..

THIS Caroline at 20 months...

is just as beautiful as THIS Caroline at 35 months.

And THIS girl with a full head of wavy brown hair...

is no more loved than THIS sweet girl. :)
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  1. Loved seeing the flashback pictures. I almost forgot what Caroline looked like with her dark wavy hair. Enjoyed this blog.
    Grandma Barnett