Saturday, February 5, 2011

bowling buddies...

My first time bowling, folks! My new friend, Sydney, & I were pretty excited.

My first try. Let's just say it was all excitement and little (if any) momentum. So when the ball barely started moving down the lane, naturally I immediately started taking off down the (unknowingly) slick, wax-covered lane to get it (gasp!)...

..which resulted in a quick fall & a little embarrassment. :( But after a little lovin' from Daddy, I did what ALL good athletes do & put myself back together to try again.

Look! There it goes!

And thus ensued the slooooowest bowling you have ever endured... We waited...

And waited. (and then it would turn out to be a gutter ball! You know, it's quite an accomplishment to get gutter balls when you are already using the gutter guards...) :)

Sydney's turn with Daddy close behind to help!

We were having fun, but boy it was slooooow. Thankfully a woman saw our pitifully-paced bowling & showed us these inclines that the girls could use...

And then we started rollin'! One push & that ball was FLYING down the lane!

Yay! High five!

And while it was everyone else's turn to bowl...

I loved keeping tabs on whose turn it was. "Oh! It says G for George! It's George's turn!" I was definitely more fascinated by this than the actual GAME of bowling.

I also loved watching the balls come back to us.

It was a fun, fun morning with you guys!

A score of 74 my first time around. YAYYYYYY!!!!
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  1. Way to go, CC. I'd be lucky to make 74 myself.

  2. Caroline, that was good!! If I can remember correctly, the first time I bowled (a lot older than 3) my score was about 74! (Ha, Ha)

    Love you all. Glad you had fun.