Friday, February 4, 2011


You may as well call me Caroline, the storyteller.

Oh, I loooooove a story now. "Will you tell me a mouse story?" "Will you tell me a bear story?" Our mealtimes usually consist of us making up at least one story. (mostly because as I'm all ears, I'm also more likely to eat!) I listen SO carefully, memorizing every detail you say in order to tell them myself later.

My favorite stories are about animals... things like "wolf stories" (like Little Red Riding Hood type where someone gets gobbled up in the end!), Country Mouse/City Mouse, Curious George, The Three Little Pigs, etc. And who knew this little stack of Peter Rabbit books (given to me at Christmas by our friends Tim & Sarah-- thank you!) would immediately become my FAVORITE?!? (they're the perfect size for my little fingers to stack)

So then it's MY turn. Seriously. I am "reading" these things non-stop. I like to carry them with me when we go out. And as I'm looking at them, it's not even Peter Rabbit I'm talking about! I'm completely making up my own stories and even my own WORDS (ha!), but the inflections of storytelling are dead.on.

Many times the readings can get quite dramatic. :)

But seriously. It's all the time. (Mommy loves it when she finds me engrossed like this!)

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  1. The story telling is great, but the pics of the sweet princess are even better. See you soon.
    Love ya

  2. we want to see video of her stories! glad she is enjoying those books!

  3. Now I know for sure what to get the Birthday Girl!

  4. Beatrix Potter was the first serious children's author and insisted that her books be small so that little hands could hold them comfortably. I laugh when I see collections of her works put into large book form. I think they miss her point.