Tuesday, February 15, 2011

favorite song of the 2's...

Okay, so before I turn 3 in THREE days (!!!), we simply MUST document the song that carried me through thick and thin this year. The song that I BEGGED for everytime we got in the car all year long. The song to which I know every word and every inflection. (well, really almost the entire album, for that matter...) The song that Mommy & Daddy will ALWAYS remember my second year of life when they hear because it was literally played EVERY.DAY for EVERY. CAR.TRIP. :) (and we still like the song, can ya believe it?)

So a few weeks ago we pulled out the ol' video camera before bedtime and got not so much singing, but some overall fun with it. It just needed to get on this blog somewhere before I turn 3!

So without further adue, ladies and gentlemen I present to you... Kick Drum Heart by the Avett Brothers!!!


  1. awe. some! that girl's got some rhythm!! future career paths: zumba instructor? drum line captain (surpassing her mama's percussion career)?

  2. I just listened to this song yesterday in the car and thought of that sweet girl. I love the kick drum on the tummy. Innovative.