Thursday, June 11, 2015

7 year old blogger at OBX...

Hi! My family is at the beach for seven days. There are wild horses on the beach.
I love to see the wild horses. You cannot be closer than 50 feet from them.

I decided to write a blog post about our time at the beach yesterday. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere...

Well, the water was FREEZING and my teeth were chattering, but, I wanted to ride my boogie-board. So, I did. I wanted to have fun, so I did.
We looked in the car and saw a super-hero boogie-board and I thought Jameson (my little brother) would like it. He does whatever I do, so, I got my boogie-board, he got his, I got in the water, he didn't dare to go in the water. He does whatever I do!!! I guess maybe not this time. (Haha!)
There were HUGE jumping fish in the waves, splashing and playing. A fisher-bird swooped down, grabbed a fish, and flew off. The picture is the fisher-bird grabbing a fish. I thought, Wow! This is amazing!
At first I thought I saw a shark fin and then, we screamed. "It's a...DOLPHIN!!!!!" Sorry, but it is NOT a shark. I know you all like sharks. (Haha!)
 That is me. Scanning the water for dolphins. As soon as I saw one swimming away from me, I raced down the beach where it was. Mom was running down the beach behind me with her camera.
"Eek, Eek, Eek!" Here is a picture of two dolphins playing. "ADORABLE!" I shrieked. They were playing wildly. Their fins were up out of the water.
Me and Jameson LOVE building sandcastles. "Ah we building nec, Caline?" Jameson said. Do you need the translation? Ok. Here it is: "What are we building next, Caroline?"
I'm telling dad which wave to ride. He chose....that one!

Finally, the end. Time to say good-bye to all your friends. But before you go, my mom wants to say something. "My 7 year old blogger loves to write to you."   See you all very soon! Bye!


  1. This is great Caroline. I especially like your interpretation of what Jameson said! I'm really glad you are having so much fun at the beach!

  2. Looks beautiful and so much fun!!!

  3. Looks beautiful and so much fun!!!