Saturday, June 13, 2015

hi ho & the big bad wolf...

We interrupt our vacation pictures to bring you a few videos I found on my phone to share!  One of Caroline's favorite things to do is to watch old videos I've posted here on crazyforcaroline, so I've realized I need to keep 'em coming as this blog is half functioning as my children's "baby books."

Jameson's currently obsessed with the movie "Snow White."  Not really for Snow White herself, but he mostly wants to watch the seven dwarfs who carry hammers and hit the walls of the mines.  So here's my kid who has progressed from always having to carry a baseball bat to a sword to NOW- a hammer.

He even took his "hammer" to surgery with him as his comfort item, ha ha!

Here's a very common scene around my house right now!  Jameson and Caroline with their "hammers" acting out Jameson's favorite scene from Snow White: And the next is from a few months ago when Jameson (age 2) was helping me tell the story of the Three Little Pigs in the car.

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