Tuesday, June 9, 2015

glorified camping...

 Day 2 of our vacation in the 4x4 area of the Outer Banks and we're having a grand time.

Maaaybe I'm slowly getting used to the stinky sulphur water?
But I'm DEFINITELY not okay with this guy yet.

So why did we choose the creepy pirate guy house, then?   (I had NO idea he came with this house, fyi.)

Here's a big reason.  Our house sits on a canal where we can walk out our back door and go fishing, crabbing, and kayaking galore! 

It was the kids' first fishing of the week and Jameson's first ever.

Marc saw his line moving within a few minutes, so I grabbed his pole.
 And reeled in this little guy!

Jameson, who had been so confident and excited about catching a fish, saw the ACTUAL fish and took off running scared, ha ha!
 So I've decided this place is really more like glorified camping.  (I suppose that could be good or bad depending on what you think about camping.)

We're far away from civilization.  There's not even true roads here!  We're dealing with all the elements of nature including biting flies and now....


Yes, I encountered a long, black snake in the backyard twice yesterday, just when I was really starting to like this place.  Screamed so loud I probably traumatized my children.  Marc had to convince me the snake is terrified of me and not out to attack me, but that isn't keeping me from stomping, clapping, and making a fool of myself with noise every time I walk by the place where Mr. Snake and I met.

 At least with this kind of camping, I have a bathroom. (though it has smelly water...)

And a dishwasher.

And an air-conditioned home.
Jameson crashed on the kayak ride
But snakes??  Really?  (shudder)
And then this is in the backyard, too.  Maybe a little grass snake isn't quite so bad...

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