Wednesday, June 10, 2015

wild horses can't drag me away...

I know of very few places on earth like this place, where wild horses roam freely along the beach.  It's unbelievable, and every time I spot one, I can't help but reach for my camera.  (I promise to sift through my pictures and spare you from 1,000 endless horse pictures...)  It's the law to stay 50+ feet away from them, but it just looks and feels so surreal that about 100 of these endangered wild horses, descended straight from Spanish conquistadors, are right here with us.

the jeep tour companies are rolling in the dough
It's popular for visitors to the Outer Banks to take Jeep tours to see the horses.  At around $150 a pop, folks load up into commercial 4x4 vehicles that will give them an hour's ride on the 4x4 beach and a guaranteed horse sighting.   

 But if you go that route, you don't get the advantage of spotting the wild horses around "town."
 And you may not be lucky enough to see the horses on full display.  

To be able to drive onto the beach morning, noon, and night with your own 4x4 is so much better, not to mention tons more convenient with kids, since there's nothing you have to lug to the beach with you-- it's already in your car and you simply pull out what you need!

Here's a few horse shots from yesterday...

Insert "why did the horse cross the road" joke here

 Oh, you know,
just another day seeing wild horses walk the beach.

Loving this place! 

I'll keep putting up with the smelly water and creepy pirate guy for this any day. 
a birthday to remember

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