Monday, March 30, 2009

daddy's caddy...

Hey everybody! Wanna see my favorite game to play with Daddy outside? Well, first I watch him practice hitting some golf balls in the back yard...

then it's my job to run & get 'em!

I got it!

"Ready for the next one over here, Daddy!"


Milestone of the Week: calling for Mommy by name!! ("Mama")
New Foods of the Week: lettuce with ranch dressing & peanut butter crackers
New Word of the Day: Brush (pronounced "buh")
Funny Fact: remember my new word the other day? Well, guess what EVERYTHING Mommy takes out of the dishwasher (cup, plate, fork, etc.) is called now? That's right. A "bowl." (pronounced perfectly-- it's so cute!) ha!
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  1. That's the cutest expression on her face and mouth. It looks like she has chaffed skin or food on her face. You are a babydoll, Caroline.

    We love you,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Of COURSE she likes ranch dressing....just make sure it has enough "ranchy bits" in it! :-)

  3. You're "mama" now! That's a big milestone!

  4. She's eating "buva cookies." That's what you (Amy) called peanutbutter crackers. They were your favorite food. Love, Mamie

  5. I love the second to last picture, what an expression! too cute!