Monday, March 9, 2009

runaway baby...

Greetings from our local library, where Pop & Mamie got to come with me this morning to my first class EVER called Babygarten! (see Pop in the background?)

You guys know the drill on this kind of thing... our teacher led us in some songs, rhymes, booktime...

and then, oh then. It was playtime.

Now, here's the deal. ALL the other babies were totally content playing with the provided toys and socializing with one another on the blanket, and Mommy tried to get me interested in the toys as well...

but NO toy can provide half the fun of walking, people! You mean you want me to stay in a circle of people when there's lots of territory to cover?? So much for social time- I don't need you guys! I've got to go, go, GO! :)

So off I went. The class teacher kept calmly telling all the Mommies & Daddies, "Let them wander and don't get mad. Let them go explore. They'll always come back to you."

Ha! Little did she know! I can't count the number of times I broke free from the circle & took off across the library! (this time I even got a follower to come & join in the fun!-- well, except that Mamie chased me down & his Mommy chased him down)

Each time it was Mamie to the rescue! Yep, we were quite the scene today...

and I loved it.
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  1. Hehehe... First of all, Caroline: major kudos on being nonconformist -- may you always follow your own compass!

    From this evidence it's clear that Caroline was just trying to break away from the pack to begin her own original research project! She was going to start a dissertation on "the joys of walking"!

    OK, that's my first public projection-on-child moment! I'm entitled to a certain number of those, no?

    -- Michael (soon-to-be father of Erik)