Sunday, March 22, 2009

decorating secret...

Don't know if any of you blog readers enjoy home decorating/interior design-type-stuff like me (Amy), but I just thought I'd share a little decorating/design secret that I did awhile back in our house. My kitchen window needed SOME kind of fabric treatment to break up all the white cabinetry surrounding it, (you know, a little "pizazz") but I didn't need any privacy for that window & I wanted to keep all the view that I could...

So, I took a piece of lumber we already had laying around (a 1x6 in this case), wrapped it with some batting/padding stuff, then stapled on a piece of fabric I found on clearance at the fabric store.

We mounted it to the wall with L-brackets, and wah-lah-- for around $10, I've got a window treatment!
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