Tuesday, March 31, 2009

exciting news...

Meet Elizabeth! She'll be graduating from Winthrop University this May and then moving up to Lynchburg this summer to be our RUF intern for the next two years! (so you'll probably be seeing alot of her!) She's also a native South Carolinia-n like Daddy, so does that mean our family's gonna be eating boiled peanuts & sweet tea all the time?!? ha!

Not only will Elizabeth be present at our weekly RUF meetings on Thursdays...

but she'll be meeting with & ministering to our girls one-on-one and in small groups while she also participates in the RUF intern study program. (20-25 hours a week) We are SOOO excited that she's coming! Pray that she'll be able to raise all of her support quickly and that God would guide her & prepare her for her ministry here.

And after giving so much to gals in RUF, I just hope that she saves a little love for me... :)
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