Saturday, March 14, 2009

dressin' up on demo day...

I just received a great stash of dress up clothes! Oh, what a princess I'll be!

And NO WAY will I stand still long enough for you to take a picture of me, Mommy! I've got to GO GO!

Meanwhile, Mommy & Daddy thought it was about time to begin remodeling my 1960's pepto-pink bathroom this weekend, so Daddy had lots of fun starting the demo. :) (those of you who know my Mommy & Daddy well know that pink bathrooms tend to follow us wherever we go! ha!)

But no, Daddy! Don't do it! I love pepto-pink!
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  1. Caroline, Tell your Daddy that when he is finished, we have a pepto-pink, a throw-up green and a rotting lemonade yellow bathroom that he can come and redo :)....Aunt Faye was hung up on retro and couldn't step out of that...and off-white..YIKES.

  2. More like crazy home refurb jobs follow you wherever you go! Just the other day I was admiring my bathroom... way to go guys. :)

  3. Ok, now at supper tonight we want advice on how to get rid of our... mmm beign, maybe that's the color... tile and bathtub. Cool?