Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thanks, everybody, for your great & helpful feedback to Mommy on the adoption book! (you're welcome to keep the ideas coming as she's still pondering what to do...) We'll be sure to keep you guys posted. While her creative juices were flowing, here was our project for the day that she highly recommends to any of you new parents!

So for around $3.00, we made this cute set of prints to mark me being 1-year-old! (okay, so we're a month late... ) A pad of ink, a piece of white paper, a piece of decorative paper, double stick tape, black frames that Mommy already had laying around, and a baby that will somewhat cooperate with you is all you need! :) Our prints match my nursery colors, so each year we can do a similar set of prints & hang up our collection over the years! (or take 'em down & put them in an album).

And birthmommy Megan, you'll be happy to know there's another set of prints heading your way soon!

Oops! Ya caught me red-handed! (or pink-handed I should say!)

And pink-footed! ha ha!
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  1. I did molds of E's hands in crayola model magic when she was a baby and made "ornaments" out of's amazing to see how fast they grow!?!?!

  2. We made hand prints of you and Michael and had them put on plates, as I recall.

  3. How sweet! I'm glad they turned out! Very crafty! I have the plaster molds my boys made of their hands hanging on the wall in the kitchen. They still love to hold their little hands up to them to see how they have grown over the years.