Monday, March 2, 2009

snow day!...

We saw it coming in last night, but who'dda believed that when we woke up this morning...

We'd have 10 INCHES of snow on the ground!?!!

So our morning started off with Daddy making us a batch of "snow cream." Let's just say that it wasn't quite as good as Daddy's Grandma Tugwell used to make it... but I liked it, nonetheless!

Then it was time to get all bundled up and go outside!

This was the scene in our backyard-- beautiful, huh?

Dad, I don't think this is quite working out. You know, it's all fun & games to you...

Until somebody gets hurt. :) Well, maybe next year I'll enjoy it a little more...
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  1. Snow cream? What in the world are you people thinking? Wasn't yellow, was it?

  2. Nanny & PapaMarch 2, 2009 at 9:52 AM

    Caroline, Papa and I were just talking about the smile on your face all the time. What Happened???? Looks like somebody licked the red off your candy! Hurry up and get that smile back.

    We love ya,

    Nanny & Papa