Sunday, March 29, 2009

ruf lunch...

Once a month after church, a family in our church hosts "RUF lunch" for our college students! It gives the students a chance to get off of campus and get to know a family in our church (as well as each other) better. It also gives ME a chance to be around the students since I normally don't go to RUF on Thursday nights.

And check out the view we had from the porch today!! (Mommy shouldn't have taken the picture on the screened-in part of the porch! oops! oh well- you get the idea.) For those of you from Texas, those things on the horizon out there are called "MOUNTAINS." :) ha!

Anyways, I loved snacking right alongside the students. I think I probably ate at least 30 chips before lunchtime. :)

But not to worry, folks. With my energy level the way it is, those calories are long gone!
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