Friday, December 18, 2009

at 22 months...

I'm 22 months today and we're waiting on a HUGE snowstorm to come in any minute!! (so prepare yourselves for some ensuing snow pictures this weekend...)

At 22 months...

  • I am a talker! I'm trying to put together sentences and always repeating things I hear Mommy & Daddy say. I count to 14, I spell my own name ("C..A..R..O..L..I..N..E!"), I can say most of my ABC's, I say "Careful, Daddy" when Daddy's on the ladder & after Mommy sneezes, I say, "Bwess you, Mommy." :) As I look through my books, I will tell you all the things I see or I'll fill in the words myself complete with inflection.
  • Whereas I used to be a GREAT eater & eat LOTS of vegetables or anything you would put on my plate, I've become a, "selective" eater. I'm mostly tired of bananas (which used to be my absolute FAVORITE), and I am now refusing to eat certain foods that I once liked. (broccoli, chicken, casseroles & soups, etc.) Of course I wanna fill up on foods like mac-n-cheese, applesauce, bread, noodles, cheeseburgers, nuggets, & ice cream now. :) Thankfully things like eggs, cereal, rice, blueberries, & most fruits are also still a hit.

  • I am a CLIMBER! Mommy can't keep me off of coffee tables, chairs, tables, etc. If I can go vertical, you'd better believe I WILL.
  • After dinner, it's my job to pick up all the little food bits off the floor & put them in the trash can while Mommy & Daddy clean up the kitchen. I also help them by putting shoes & toys away.
  • When I get in the car, I like to listen & dance to Mommy & Daddy's music. That means I'm starting to sing words from my favorite Cold Play CD & the Avett Brothers... :)
  • My separation anxiety is doing much better! I don't cry when I go to the nursery at church now! (woohoo! Yay for repetition & just sticking with it!) Yesterday, an elder's wife at church came & took me to her house for the entire DAY, and as I drove off I blew goodbye kisses to Mommy & Daddy!

  • When we pray before meals, I not only hold out my hands, but now I close my eyes, bow my head, and say, "Dear God." ha!
  • I can fill in the last word of every line of the Lord's Prayer just from hearing Mommy & Daddy say it a few times. (That blows Mommy's mind now smart I am!) I am literally a SPONGE. Anything you throw at me I will learn.
  • I LOVE Sesame Street. I know all the characters by name, and when Elmo's World comes on, I am in HEAVEN.
  • My favorite game is "getchu." (as in, "I'm gonna get you!") I love to be chased & then tickled. It's so fun and it makes me crack up!

  • Without a doubt, I am my Daddy's sweetheart. (Mommy thinks I'm pretty stinkin' fantastic, too.) :)
(Let it snow!!!)


  1. Caroline,

    Happy 22 months. I thought about it this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day, but don't get snowed in. We are looking for you next Wednesday. Can hardly wait. We love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Ames - she is such a sweetie and such a blessing. Every day I give great thanks for our E. I know you do the same with sweet Caroline! Love you, girl! Stay warm!