Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'tis the season...

Well, I promise I really don't want this blog to turn into nothing but health updates, but ya know, that's just what our family is dealing with right now on many levels! So here's today's health update:

After driving up to Charlottesville to see a dermatologist about Caroline's continuing hair loss today, turns out she does NOT have a fungal infection of the scalp. (and wasn't that SO nice of our pediatrician's office here NOT to call & tell us the lab results so that we could stop giving our child potentially harmful medicine for another 5 WEEKS?! Apparently when they faxed over the paperwork to the Charlottesville dermatologist, it said that they had found nothing fungal!?! You better believe I have placed a call to our pediatrician's office on THAT one...)

The dermatologist saw lots of new hair follicles, so hopefully in another 4-6 weeks our sweet daughter will have a bunch of stubble growing back in! (we'll be starting a new "look" for toddlers, I think...) :) The doc thinks it's probably something called "telogen effluvium," which is when a virus, fever, stress, or change in hormones triggers a reaction where hair falls out-- it can happen to women after pregnancy, for example, as well as in children for whatever reason.

SO... after 3 weeks of what was SUPPOSED to be an 8 week treatment for a (non-existent) fungal infection, we're stopping the medicine & waiting & watching.

In other news, Caroline's cold is getting better, and it has not only spread to Daddy, but to me as well. (as if we all needed ONE more thing, right?!) :) But Daddy came up with the BEST home treatment for sinus pain... (so file this one away in your back pocket)

(and don't you know I was thrilled to have my picture taken at this moment...) ha ha!

1. Boil up some water on the stove.
2. Add a few drops of steam inhalant. (optional)
3. Pour it into a bowl.
4. Put a towel over your head & around the edges of the bowl and breathe in all the STEAM! woohoo! It's fabulous.

And now... here's the vertigo update: (good grief!) Overall I am well. I had some good days and then a couple of minor dizzy spells. Seeing an improvement, though, & I go to the doc again on Fri. morning. I'm less discouraged than before, and thankful for your continued prayers as I recover.

I SERIOUSLY feel like I can relate to all the senior citizens out there who live from doctor's appointment to doctor's appointment! I know it's thankfully just for a season, but everything has seemed to hit us all at once!

'Tis the season, I suppose...
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  1. Glad that Caroline's hair-thing is no worse than it is. After reading on-line last night all of the possibilities, I was mentally trying to fashion toddler wigs for her. Maybe you should have a contest to develop a new hairstyle for her. Glad that Mamma is doing better, too. This too shall pass. Love to all. Mamie

  2. Just spoke with the pediatrician's office, and they didn't get that report from the hospital until yesterday (the same day I called), so they wouldn't have had any time to contact me before our appt. today. So I'd like to retract my comments about the office. :)

  3. Ames - I laughed out loud when I saw the photo of you with the towel over your head - mainly because of the hand....I saw that hand up SO many times when we lived together in Maple....makes me laugh. Love you!

  4. We are so glad for the good news about Caroline. God has all the hairs counted on her little head, even those that are growing back. Hope all of you will be well and back to "normal" real soon. Hope to see you real soon. We love y'all. Love Nanny & Papa

  5. Try some Tea Tree Oil in your inhalant. It's very good! Glad you're all starting to come around.

  6. Oh, about the lab work I'm glad that hopkin's didn't miss that! That would've been bad. But I have nothing but good things to say about them after taking Leah yesterday. Labs, xrays and seeing Dr N twice and we were out in under and hour and 30 min. Most places can't even come close!

  7. when it rains it pours, We too know the appt after appt for one thing and another weird thing. So thankful you are all on the mend and praying for the other issues...God bless-Lisa