Saturday, December 12, 2009

potential future career paths (christmas edition)...

Maybe I'll be the church pianist. "Away in a manger..."

Or perhaps the costume designer for Christmas productions. (In Hawaii?!?) :)

Or maybe I'll be the soloist on stage that belts out "O Holy Night." Hmmm... well...

There's always retail, I suppose.

Any ideas??? (you'll get extra bonus points if you can make it Christmas themed!) Let's hear your guesses & we'll pick a winner!
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  1. Watch as I demonstrate the new 'my size' Zhu Zhu pets!

  2. " 'I'll have a blue Christmas without you.' So blue in fact, that I'm seeing blue wherever I look."

    P.S. I guess I should say that I googled "blue Christmas" to come up with this. It sounded familiar, but I wasn't actually sure if it was a song. :)

  3. "Here I come a-crawling
    Among the tunnel so blue;
    Here I'm Caroline
    I'm an explorer too...

    Love and Joy come to you
    and will you please come crawl too?
    and God Blesses me as I explore many careers..
    Yes, God Blesses exploring many careers...."

    * To the tune of:
    Here we come A-Wassailing*

  4. Santa Claus, obviously...She is practicing going down chimneys!

  5. Down through the chimney came Ole St. Nick - after his trusty elf did a test run of course!

  6. "And now venture with us as we leave our own comfortable 21st century existence for Christmas in another time . . . and space. The time tunnel!" (Cue music)

  7. A chimney sweeper that works for Santa so his red suit doesn't get dusty!

  8. What's on the other side of the blue bell? Maybe a silver bell. Exploring the bells at Christmas.

    Nanny & Papa

  9. Scientist training for a polar expedition crawling through ice tunnels... in search of Santa?

  10. Alright! At last! We have a winner! Wow-- as always, you guys are amazing & brilliantly creative. How do we get such awesome readers??? :)

    But this round's winners are going to a 3-way tie to the folks who each mentioned something about chimney sweeping for St. Nick! So congrats to the Staffords, the Liebers, & Susan-- you are the proud winners! We'd also like to give an honorable mention award to Ashums' Ramblings for the creative song!

  11. An honorable mention! yahooo!!!


    Must agree-the chimney shimming was pretty awesome.