Thursday, December 10, 2009

somebody's feeling better...

(Those are a few of my first jumps off the floor ever, people! I am officially airborne now!)

p.s. here's a funny one-- that last post about all of our sicknesses was Post #666.... hmmm... :)


  1. Ok, we've now watched this video 4 times! Leah misses her friend!

  2. I agree with Tim & Sarah.....that laugh is so adorable. As to your P.S.....LOL!!

  3. We are so happy she is feeling better. She is also doing better at saying Caroline. She almost has it perfectly. We love y'all.
    See you soon. John's party is in NC tomorrow. Not too late for you to come. Everybody would love to see all of you. They have never seen Caroline.

    Love You,

    Nanny & Papa