Friday, December 25, 2009

the good stuff...

Unwrapping gifts was certainly more fun to me this year than it was last year! I loved to tear the paper off & say, "Inside" (meaning "what's inside?") I know that you all are just DYING to know what I got, but let's just start off by saying it was WAY too much! (but hey- did I mind??? NO WAY!) :) Here are just some of the highlights...

In addition to things like a playdough table & set, a Little People airplane & amusement park set, books, a dress, pajamas, etc., I got this cool aqua doodle pad! You put water in the pen & then like magic, it'll draw on the pad! After the water dries, it erases the doodles. When you're done, roll the pad up & put it away until next time! Pretty neat, huh?

I'm a little mama now, too! Mommy thinks it's so sweet to watch me give my new baby doll a bottle & push her around in my new stroller!

It's an exciting day when a girl gets new wheels! Nanny & Papa got me a new, pretty pink & purple tricycle with a pink helmet & kneepads! woohoo! (now I've just got to figure out how to get myself going on the thing... but trust me, it won't be long...)

The stuff was great. And the time with our family was even better.

Hope you are having a Merry Christmas, too!
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