Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a family to call his...

We met Jameson's birthmother once when he was one month old.

I still send pictures and updates through our adoption agency every other month, but unfortunately, we don't hear anything back.

It's a missing piece of my son's identity that I hold out hope will change one day.

Caroline is so fortunate to have an ongoing relationship with her birthfamily.  Not many adoptees have that rare opportunity.  (see our next post...)

Last year, I asked my childhood friend, Tiffany, if she and her husband would serve as "godparents" to Jameson.  I wanted Jameson to have a special family that he could call "his," just as Caroline does.  I want him to have a family that, as he grows, can help him process through his african american identity in ways that I never could. 

I couldn't think of a more godly couple and family for Jameson to look up to.  Thankfully they, too, were thrilled at the opportunity.
Jameson, age 1, with godparents Tiffany & Ebed
So last December, Jameson met his godparents, Tiffany and Ebed, for the first time while we visited Dallas.   

Then, in a surprising twist, Tiffany's job relocated their family to a town just outside of Seattle, Washington!  
Jameson, age 2, with godparents Tiffany & Ebed.  (I love this picture!)
But amazingly, we were still able to come from the West Coast and the East Coast and meet again in the middle (Dallas) this year!  Yay!  

Our families last year
Our families this year! (minus their daughter, Chloe)
We love this family.  And I'm so grateful for their presence in our life!

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