Saturday, January 31, 2015

the humor of hair...

Five years ago, I'd have never guessed how much the subject of HAIR would rule my life!  I've gotten to the point where it's humorous, really.  

I mean, who'd have thought my daughter would lose all her hair at age 2 and be BALD?  Whew- what a unique and challenging feat!
Then!  God graciously gives me my chocolate-skinned baby boy, and suddenly I'm now learning how to do BLACK HAIR.  (Also, no small task.) 

And as if all that wasn't enough when it comes to hair, then one more hair comes into my life.... 

frizzed out American Girl doll hair!  Aaauuugghhh!!!!
Lord, no!  I can't take it!  (ha ha)

Yep, it didn't take long for my daughter (who has no hair and thus, little ability and experience doing hair) to turn her new American Girl doll's hair into ONE. MEGA. FRIZZ BALL.  

Leaving ME googling yet another genre of hair and hair "disorders."  (ha!)
So after some research and a couple of hours with a spray bottle and a wig brush, I got it back to this.  I'd say I did alright, eh?  (Note to future moms of AG dolls... maybe consider ones withOUT curly hair??  Of course, guess what Caroline wants her next wig to be... blonde and curly...)

HAIR, people.  

This, my friends, was an attempt I made after reading about ways to create twists in hair without heat.  This time, using rolled-up magazine pages and bobby pins.   It's amazing what you can learn on the internet.

Sometimes I think I must be crazy.  This life I have with hair sure is!

But whether you've got hair, no hair, black hair, wig hair, 
or wild, synthetic frizzed-out hair, 
I love you all!

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