Sunday, January 11, 2015

i would drive 500 miles...

You know, driving cross country from Texas to Virginia with young children isn't my favorite thing in the world to do.  

But we had the time, and it provided us the ability to stop and see people who are extremely meaningful to us along the way!  

Like Molly.

Molly, an alopecia buddy, has actually been in our life for several years though this was only our second time meeting her in person! (Here was our first meeting & more about Molly.) Seeing Molly again was a huge motivator to drive through Memphis, and our visit with her definitely made all the long hours worth it.  So glad this lady is in our life.  Caroline absolutely ADORES her!  (so do we!)

And we got to make a quick stop in Nashville for lunch with Alyssa!  Alyssa was a student in our RUF ministry at Texas Tech (before we began the RUF here in Lynchburg) and she is super special to our family.  I love relationships where distance doesn't mean a thing because when you see one another, you pick right up and keep going where you left off.  What's so cool to me is that she's actually living with HER RUF intern (Della) & their family.  It's beautiful how these relationships in a transitional time like college ministry still last lifetimes.

We were also thrilled to stay the night with our friends, the Browns, in Knoxville that night.  (I regret I didn't get a picture- oh well!)  It had been years since seeing them, and it was great catching up.  I'll never forget the visit there, especially because at 3am in their basement, that's where my vertigo attack began in full force, so Marc helped my nauseated self hobble to the bathroom without losing my balance.  (boo.)

Anyways, a day or two after settling back in at home, we FINALLY had a little Christmas of our own!

Caroline and Jameson both loved the marble run.  Caroline likes building and designing the runs, and Jameson loves to drop the marbles in and watch them go.
 And any sports lover would go crazy at a basketball goal, right?


You probably see that bed set up in the living room?  
That's because Caroline got a new bed (a full size mattress for free from our neighbors- thank you!) and beautiful bedding to go on it!  

So then Jameson got Caroline's old twin-sized bed instead of his little toddler bed, and we're hoping that it will inspire him to stay IN the bed throughout the night... so far, it was a nice thought...
 Caroline Abbott, Caroline's new doll, wanted to show you SHE also got a new set of bunk beds as well.
PLUS there's a closet on the end of them to hold all of Caroline Abbott's outfits and accessories.

BOTH Carolines were super excited.

Minus the vertigo, it was a great trip and a great Christmas.  Our cups are full from the quick visits we were able to have on the long trek back to Virginia.  

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