Thursday, January 29, 2015

at (almost) 7...

flower girl in our RUF students' wedding!
Where does the time go?  How is my baby girl almost 7?

God is fashioning her in such a beautiful way, and I'm so privileged to have a front row seat in her life.

At almost 7...

  •  This gal is quite the little leader.  Really, she always has been, but she cherishes any opportunity to lead.  Give her a job leading others and she'll relish it.  Her teacher told me she turns down candy for the opportunity to read out loud to her class. (??!!)
  • Her vocabulary and spelling is on par with a 4th-5th grader.  (she's in 1st grade)  
  • Caroline's favorite things to do right now are: drawing & writing, playing tag/chase at the park with other kids, "screen time," dressing fancy, building forts, going to the children's museum, and playing pretend.  She wants a Frozen-themed birthday (like every little girl this year...).

  •  She doesn't like anything she can't succeed in the first time.  She gets frustrated and quits very easily.  Playing board games or anything competitive with her is not enjoyable if she doesn't win. (though it's obviously for her best)
  • I couldn't be more grateful for how much of a help she is to me when it comes to caring for Jameson.  She often fixes him snacks, entertains him, and is quick to do whatever needs doing in a given situation.  
  • Her favorite foods are: ice cream (or anything with sugar, really), grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, pizza, all fruit, thai food, noodles with butter & parmesan cheese, and bread.  Yep.  This is the same gal who was on a gluten free, dairy free, soy free & JOY free diet just a few years ago when we thought her hairloss might be related to gut issues... :)  
  • She's at the age where she asks for everything, all in one sitting.  "Mom, can we go to Amazement Square?" "Mom, can I take ballet lessons?"  "Mom, can we go to Fresh Market?"  "Mom, can we make banana bread?"  She loves a plan and a schedule.  Hmmm... sounds a little like her mama....

she's 6.  he's 2.

  •  This gal is (and has always been) my good sleeper!  Even with a little brother up and down the halls every night, she sleeps right on through.  Sometimes she needs a little extra TLC from us when she fears monsters in her room at night or wakes up from a bad dream.
  • She is still my confident alopecia gal!  On occasion, she'll wear her wig to school for fun, but as soon as she hops in the car, she's pulling that thing OFF!  I know she'd definitely prefer to have hair, but I feel like she's caring less about people's stares these days.  I'm so proud of her.  I can see it helping to shape the amazing woman she will become.  She teaches me what true beauty is every day.
  • Caroline cares about how things are "supposed" to be.  I guess it's a first-born thing.  She's the rule follower.  If you don't do what you "should" be doing, don't worry.  She'll gladly let you know.

Words to describe Caroline would be: smart, confident, social, verbal, active, strong-willed, caring, intense, encouraging, anxious, musical, and assertive.

Sure, she can be quite the handful at times, but I couldn't have a more special gal to love and cherish.  Thank you, God and Birthmommy Megan, for this precious girl and joy of my life.

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