Friday, January 9, 2015

you give me fever...

This is the sad state of affairs at our house right now.

As if Jameson and I haven't already had our fair share of colds since Christmas, now he's come down with a doozy.  102-103 degree fevers and a cough that almost makes him choke.  He tested negative for the flu, but I might beg to differ.  When his doctor swabbed him, it sent him into a terrible coughing fit that allowed her to hear just how serious this all was.  She gave us a medicine that would treat bacterial growth around the lungs, so we're waiting for it all to kick in.  

It's so, SO terrible to watch your little ones suffer.  To hold their trembling little bodies in your arms, so lifeless and so sick.  To hear their labored breathing as they struggle to find rest.  It's enough to do me in.

Today I'm thankful that when the tylenol kicked in, he wasn't quite as glassy-eyed as yesterday.  He perked back up to himself for those few glorious minutes before it all went downhill again.

And now I'm fighting a pesky, come-and-go low grade fever and fatigue.  Please pray what he's got doesn't hit me, too.  This mama has no time to get sick.

In the midst of this, I'm also battling vertigo again, too.  On our long trek home from Texas, I suffered another attack (out of the blue) while staying in our friends' basement in Knoxville, TN, and now it's left a bunch of dizziness and balance issues in its wake.  Hello, physical therapy.

So discouraging!  It's like there's always something, and just as we were beginning to feel better, we're dropping like flies AGAIN!

In the first ten days of 2015, I've been to six doctors' offices and two pharmacies.  

Happy New Year indeed.


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