Thursday, January 8, 2015

crazy for caroline...

A trip to Dallas is never complete without getting to see Caroline's birth family!

I can't say it enough, Marc and I are SO grateful our daughter knows and loves her birthfamily.
Even though the concept of "open adoption" might seem risky and scary to couples who are considering adoption, to us, it couldn't feel more normal.

Having an open adoption takes away much of the mystery adoptees in olden-days used to experience.  Caroline doesn't have to wonder things like where she came from, or who she looks like.  If she has questions-- why, we can just text birthmommy Megan!

Open adoption also allows Megan and her family to keep up with Caroline.  While Megan had the hard work of placing her precious baby in our arms and letting go of the parenting aspect of their relationship, she didn't lose her child altogether.  She knows her, and though it's from afar, she's able to watch her grow up in our care.

 It's funny how Caroline still doesn't quite realize the uniqueness of this relationship.  When we're buying a gift for Brayden, she proudly tells the cashier, "We're buying this for my birth brother!  And we're going to see birthmommy Megan, too!"  (as if everyone knows what that is!) 

I love watching the confused reactions that ensue.
Caroline and Brayden

Awww, look at these two!  Full siblings, and 
they are growing up so fast.  Brayden is two years older than Caroline.  He's also the cutest guy with glasses ever. 

I love how through adoption, our families are united!  Caroline has the unique privilege of knowing her aunts, uncles, grandparents and even great-grandparents on her birthmommy's side. 

Introducing the newest member of the family,  sweet little Millie!
 God is so, so good.  I'm reminded of it every time we get together.

Not only did He bond us together in the days surrounding Caroline's birth, but He is so gracious to continue our relationship year after year. 
 It was this amazing love-- a birthmommy, a baby girl, and an adoptive mommy (and daddy)-- that started this blog in the first place.
We're ALL Crazy for Caroline!

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