Saturday, January 24, 2015

six year old guest blogger #5...

Our resident six-year old blogger is back again, ready to share her photos and her thoughts with you all.  Enjoy!

Photo's by Caroline
Hi! So happy to start another blog! This blog will be about our Washington D.C. trip! How pretty is this? I took it from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Down where I'm standing (In this picture) you can't see it but MLK's speech was on the ground.
Mom, Jameson and me are standing IN FRONT of Abraham Lincoln! (statue) I think dad took this one. On the right side of the Lincoln Memorial there is Abraham Lincoln's speech!!!!!
Look how pretty the reflection is in the pond! That is so pretty!
Who has ever been THIS close to the White house? I think I zoomed in a little bit. Sorry it's blurry.  My hands wobble mostly when I take a picture.

This is Nick and Megan's dog. We stayed at there the whole D.C. trip.
The dog's name is Moose.
My FAVORITE! THE METRO!!!!!! The first time we got on, We got in the first car and sit right near the driver! The Metro goes super fast!

Here is a picture of the outside of the Metro.
I loved looking at the sign of when the next train  would be there.
The metro took us to the zoo!
The elephant was doing tricks!!! That was so cool! We saw so many animals.
The cool part was that a monkey was climbing on wires! ALL around us!
So cool!
I think I told mom to just pretend she was taking a picture of me. Ha ha! :) :)
This is a Hope Diamond. Ooh la la!
I am pointing at the Washington Monument.

We were walking back to the Metro when all of a sudden, 3 helicopters flew over us. The middle one came down TO THE WHITE HOUSE. That was the President. I'M SERIOUS!!!!!

Bye! See you again soon!

by: Caroline


  1. Hi Caroline! Thank you for telling us about your trip to Washington DC. I loved reading what you wrote and seeing your pictures. Have a great day!

  2. So cute! And I'm glad to see that Moose made an appearance!