Friday, January 2, 2015

school yule...

Happy 2015!  

We've traveled far and wide since our last blog post, so we've got lots of pictures to share in upcoming posts.

We'll start with pictures from the last day of school before Christmas break...

Caroline and her art teacher
Aside from it's outstanding education, one of the main reasons we picked this school for Caroline was because of Mrs. Mays, the art teacher who also has alopecia!  She's taught there for so many years (I'm putting the pressure on her to continue for many, many more... ha!) and is an amazing woman.  It's been a joy for me to serve as Caroline's classroom "art mom" and get to know her as well as observe all the funny dynamics between the first grade classmates I always hear about at home. 

The last day of school, the grammar school (K-4th grade) had a Lessons and Carols program.
 Caroline was one of four people selected to play the xylophones and accompany the first-graders' song.  
 Jameson enjoyed visiting her classroom after the program.  As you can imagine, he's quite the popular guy among her classmates now.

A few weeks ago, we brought lunch to eat with Caroline at school and the kids begged us to let Jameson stay for recess.  We agreed, and it was so funny and sweet watching this group of seven little girls hovering over him showing him every playground activity.  He sure didn't mind the attention, either.

This girl came home singing "Joy to the World," "O Come O Come Emmanuel,"
AND "O Come All Ye Faithful"
in LATIN!!!

Her teacher said she's reading around a fourth grade level (!!  Language has always been her thing!).  She's a strong leader in the class, and we're having lots of talks at home about how good leaders serve others, let others lead, etc...   

Caroline's doing so well in school and loves it to pieces.  She only has 14 in her class, and it's amazing to see how much they love and support one another.  I'd guess almost all the kids in the school know her (thank you, alopecia), and so many of the older kids often give her hugs in the hall, etc.  I'm so thankful God has provided such a great environment as this for my daughter to thrive, learn, find acceptance, and grow.  

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  1. awesome amy. love to hear all of this good news. and love to hear about how to direct our young leader's and use that natural leadership for the glory of God.