Thursday, June 5, 2008

anniversary pt. 2...

Happy 9 years, Mommy & Daddy!

This was after a joke that Daddy cracked...

Many many thanks to our new friend, Laura, (who also plays violin & goes to our church!) for watching me while Mommy & Daddy went out!

Here's to a wonderful 9 years! (and many more!)
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  1. Whoa, my sister has been married for nine years? Cliche invocation: my, how time flies! Seriously, congrats you guys -- and thanks, Marc: now that I think about it, Amy's been noticeably happier for the last nine years. :-) -- Michael

  2. How blessed we are by God to have found our life-long love and at anniversary time to mark not so much the passing of time as the timelessness of devotion.

  3. Congrats guys! I'm sorry I've been so lousy about communication, we're on a completely wacked out sleeping schedule and everytime I think about calling, it's 3am or something. (On another note, everytime I check your blog and see pictures of Caroline, my biological clock speeds up and I make puppydog faces at Andrew and tell him I need a baby. But he just says no, with no sympathy. Lol!)

  4. Hey Marc & Amy,
    Congratulations for 9 years of marital bliss. It kind of slipped up on us. We were thinking June 5 and 9. (Anniversary & birthday (Amy), and celebrating at the beach. So we hope you had a great celebration, and we will continue the celebration at the beach with the family. Where's the pics of Caroline, our granddaughter?? Not that it wasn't good seeing you both, but send the pics of the baby!! She's the one that's changing everytime we see her. You all look very happy and the same. (HA, HA) We love you all.

    Mom & Dad