Saturday, June 14, 2008

the special plan...

I (Amy) had a great time talking with Megan on the phone the other night, and I don't think she'd mind if I gave a quick update on how she's doing! For the past month or so, she has been working like crazy at Aaron's, where she is earning extra commissions and bonuses for doing her job so well! She has just moved out of her grandparents' house and is living in an apartment, so she is enjoying having a place of her own. Her mom & grandma are helping take care of Brayden (her 2 yr. old son) while she is working.

Megan sounded really busy & tired from working so hard, but she sounded really happy, too. We are happy for her. She said for the most part, she is doing well emotionally, except for certain times when things will trigger sadness: seeing a little girl come into work, hearing "Sweet Caroline" on the radio, co-workers who say insensitive comments to her about her decision to place Caroline for adoption, etc. This is all "normal" and "healthy," but I wish I could take that pain away. I suppose just loving Caroline a little extra each day is my way of loving Megan, too.

I told Megan I wish she could come and see Caroline & see how she's growing & changing every day! (we plan to be in Dallas in December, and will hopefully get to see her then!) Thank you to all of you who have prayed for Megan & kept her in your thoughts just as much as you have for us. We are so grateful that the Lord brought her into our life as a dear friend to us and birthmother to our daughter. We are happy that our daughter will receive the awesome blessing of knowing her birthfamily, without any mystery, from day 1. She will know that all along God had a very special plan for her.
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