Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yep, today was a HUGE milestone! I laughed out loud for the first real time today! Mommy was playing with me on her lap, and all of a sudden, the CUTEST laugh came out! Daddy rushed over & we all laughed & hugged & cried together! It was a sweet moment!

And today I took a break from my normal schedule (my days have been like clockwork lately!) to sit with Mommy & be held like a little baby... I was SO sweet.

Look! I'm flying! Here's my superman pose! (even my feet are up in the air!) It's crazy how much stronger I am getting with each passing day.

Mommy, I love you.
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  1. She is so sweet. I want to kiss her sweet little cheeks! She reminds me so much of E with these ages and stages. They are so sweet and so fleeting! Enjoy! Love you.

  2. I'm so proud Caroline! Mommy's pretty hilarious isn't she... you just couldn't hold it in any longer!

  3. The sound of a baby laughing is quite possibly the best sound on earth. It brings me so much joy! Keep on laughing Caroline!