Monday, June 9, 2008

a taste of Texas...

Happy 31st birthday Mommy! To celebrate, we made a quick drive to Roanoke (45 minutes away) to get some good Mexican food! (those of you from Texas will especially understand the need for this...) :) Mommy got to shop at a few stores that we don't have in our town & then we ate at Abuelo's! As Mommy & Daddy ate, they said they'd never take good Tex-Mex food for granted again... :)

I'm loving to "stand" and look at EVERYTHING now...

especially when I can talk to the cool light fixture!
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  1. Happy Birthday to you! :-)

  2. Okay, guys, I'm definitely with you on the Mexican food. I've decided to forget about nursing and go entirely for opening a restaurant business. We will begin with:
    Texas Roadhouse
    Taco Bueno
    Taco Villa
    Bahama Bucks.

    Sonic being the most urgent.

  3. Abuelos. Good choice! :)