Saturday, June 7, 2008

settling in...

So, I know most of you are logging into this blog to look at ME, but here's a few pictures of our living & dining rooms that are pretty much finished & ready to host college students, family, & friends!

Okay, and just for looking, I'll give ya a cute pic of me... :)
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  1. The house looks GREAT! Wish we could see it in person! :-) Too cute!

  2. The house looks awesome! I'd love to see pictures of the rest of it when you get them! (But I know that I tend to make the "public" parts of the house look presentable long before the other parts ;) I'm wanting to take some pictures of the house here in the next couple weeks and get them put up, but I'm planning to do some major redecorating before that, so it'll have to wait for now... =)

  3. It is SO WEIRd to see your funiture is a different house. Seriously, it just boggles my mind! I miss you three tons, by the way. Tons and tons and tons.