Friday, June 13, 2008

buckets of drool...

Well, everybody, I've reached the point in my crying before naps and bedtime now that I break Mommy & Daddy's hearts. Since yesterday, before I get to sleep, my cries have practically doubled in decibel levels, leaving Mommy & Daddy confused. Is this the beginning of the wonderful world of teething? (I have been producing buckets of drool and wanting to chomp down on my paci & fingers ALOT, so it seems it might be...) Or is this figuring out, "If I scream loud enough, someone will eventually come in and give me my paci!" (as they seem to be figuring out my ways...) Or is this just a new stage or phase? Or is this me not feeling well? (though I'm fine the rest of the day...) As I'm crying in my crib, Mommy has been crying in the living room. She wants to do what's best for me, and somedays it's just hard to know what that is. Hopefully this will go away or start to make more sense soon.

On another note, guess what I got tonight? Mommy & Daddy put a teensy-tiny bit of baby rice cereal in my bottle for the first time! But I didn't even notice... :)
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  1. oh ames - hang in there. we went through a LOT of "cry it out" with's awful....but it did work, eventually! i think she was a tiny bit older than your C, but believe me, i know what you are going through! we are praying for you!

  2. sounds like teething! both our kids started at 2 1/2 months. lots of fussing and drooling then 5 months later a tooth! go with your parenting instinct--God put it there for a good purpose! love,ellen

  3. That is exactly what I was talking about on Facebook, but Kate has gone mostly back to normal...she cries a little before she goes to sleep, but nothing like the week before last! :0 Hang in there!!