Friday, June 20, 2008

bye bye to the beach!

It's been a fun week at the beach! For my last night, I wore a special dress that my Auntie got for me! (and thank you, Lori, for picking it out!)

Aunt Sharon held me while we had a photoshoot...

The wind was gently blowing into my face & it made me smile!

Bye bye, beach! See you next year!
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  1. Yeah! I figured out how to leave a comment! She looks ADORABLE in that dress! I'm so glad she could wear it! She is growing so fast! I miss you all so much!!! I love the new picture of you three on the top of the blog page!

  2. ahem....beach...North Carolina...what was missing? Oh, ME! Hello! I live in NC and I didn't even get a phone call....ahem...I am a daily reviewer of Caroline and have been off the Caroline loop this week! I talked with FM and found out I've missed a whole week of....ahem...the BEACH! Hello????!!! Alas, snubbed. Drat.