Sunday, June 1, 2008


(again, sorry for the blurry pictures-- they are off of our camera phone while the camera is getting fixed...)

Guess what I did for the first time this morning?!? I rolled over from my back to my tummy! (I had been working SO hard at it by myself, and I finally got it! I'm so proud of myself...) Yesterday I wanted to practice and practice until I was exhausted, but I just couldn't figure out what to do with my arm that got trapped under my body!

So Mommy came into my room this morning when I started crying, gave me my "paci" and layed me on my back (I was on my side at the time) while she went back to her room for a minute. Then, I mustered up the energy and DID IT! Mommy heard me let out a big cry, and then complete silence... when she got to my room and looked in the crib, I was flat as a pancake on my tummy with BOTH arms free!! I DID it!

Then I did it a couple more times to show Mommy and Daddy my new trick!

So watch out, world! I'm mobile now!
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  1. E's main mode of transportation for the longest time was rolling - no crawling here, no sir! Rolling around will do nicely, thank you. Watch out! :-)

  2. Carolina,
    We are so proud of you. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. We can hardly wait to see you again and watch your new tricks. Keep up the good work!!

    Love you,

    Nanny & Papa

  3. Remember those child-proof locks we talked about? :)